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Naomi Donabedian is a freelance art director and graphic designer currently living in Taipei, Taiwan. She has been helping small businesses and creative professionals with a wide knowledge of print and digital mediums since 2005. A graduate of Parsons New School for Design. She keeps a food blog Cantaloupe Alone (recipes have been published in the New York Times), always starts every project with a sketch, enjoys biking, and plans events in her free time.

Clients and collaborators include: The 24 Hour Plays on Broadway, A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Aaron Dugan musician, Adorably OrganicAfter the Jump Fest, Alison Rasch fashion design, Animal New York, Cabinet Magazine, Capitol Furnishings, Chris Bartlett Studio, the dahl house, Deji Olukotun writer, Dubé Juggling, EHM Photography Management, Elana Arian musician, Electric Temple Records, Food2, Helmut Lang, Henry Holt BYR, Julia Vallera designer, IMPOSE Magazine & Records, Julius Singer Press, Just Madras, Louise Fili Ltd, Marc Royce photography, McSweeney’s Quarterly, Mis Ojos Discos, Monday Night Vinyl Club, Loft Bistro Taipei, Montblanc, The New Yorker Magazine, Northern Spy Records, nuprimaryOm* Adhikara Yoga Blog, Project DecorProspect Farm, Sam Horine photographer, Save Coney Island, Skinny Fat Records, Slumberland Records, Snoozer Loser, Troo Hoops, Urban Arts Partnership.

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