Its nice when to hear nice things about you, but its even nicer to hear nice things about your clients. The New York Times wrote a nice little piece on a classic downtown NYC business and my long-time client Dubé Juggling + Troo Hoops.


Check out the July 2013 issue of Design Bureau for a little bit of my POV on designing  vinyl packaging. The world can’t get enough of the A Sunny Day in Glasgow: Nitetime Rainbows cover and I can’t blame them.


Sorry for the 2 year gap in news. I assure you things have happened. I became very active in gardening and farming activities as co-founder of Prospect Farm in Brooklyn and host of Dirt Talk while continuing to host many Vinyl Club events.  In July of 2012 I moved to Taipei, Taiwan to open Loft Bistro and Cafe, and perfect my Mandarin. Let the design continue, just in a new hemisphere.


I’m not going to leave you hanging here. I’ve been managing to work and travel. The ultimate dream come true, while totally baffling all the drunken backpackers with my ability to manage time. I’m happy to have created a few logos in the last couple of months, some shirt designs, and the tenth annual 24 Hour Plays on Broadway benefit program for Urban Arts. I can’t show these wonderous things until they are put out into the world by others first. Until then check out some Christmas cookies I’m making this year or come to my after party for Rocket From the Tombs at Bell House with guest DJs Dan Selzer and Nate the K.


The finishing touches have been put on a number of projects, and I’m itching to put them up soon. In the mean time check out the 70 foot mural (installed in DUMBO for the DOT) designed by Heidy Garay and Mikell Fine Iles, which I helped paint.


Ready Freddy! is now up for the world to see. Come back in a few months for a few dozen projects I need to load or improve with photos. Not that I’m bragging or anything.


Redefine Magazine calls the cover of A Sunny Day in Glasgow’s Nitetime Rainbows one of 90 best of 2010. Congrats to Jaakko and the band!


In step with not letting the best be the enemy of the good version 3 is going live. I’ve been working for over a month to add more projects and content on a sleeker WordPress template. Slow and steady wins the race but I’m ready to start showing off all the extra projects I’ve loaded. I’ll send a big announcement when everything is uploaded, and tweaks and improvements are perfected. Please excuse typos for now.