23 Brewing Company

23 Brewing Company is a craft beer company in Taipei, Taiwan that brews, bottles and serves beers at its own bars and other businesses around Taiwan and Asia.


23 Brewing Co. was one of the earliest craft beer companies in Taiwan in an era of watery, light, government sponsored beers. At the time German beers were all the rage in Taipei with their lavish historic logos. The 23 Brew Co. logo was designed in bold contrast to the trend. The logo design blends Chinese characters for two and three, 二三, with numerals for a mix of East meets West. 

The 23 Brewing Company beer labels designs were made to be minimal and represent a laid-back approach to marketing. The emphasis is on the beer with a crafted flavor that doesn't need to prove itself with flashy packaging. The humble approach is used throughout the marketing materials, too.