Heavenspot is an advertising company that serves the gaming and entertainment industry. All images are designed by myself Naomi, but belong to Heavenspot and their clients. 

I spent more than a year freelancing for the Heavenspot advertising agency designing hundreds of social media assets for Fox 20th Century and a few other clients like Netflix, Amazon Streaming, CVS Pharmacy, and the US Marine Corps. The assets were used to promote 20th's Century Fox's catalog of hits and classics. 

I was assigned 6-10 assets a week from their catalog and I used each assignment to challenge my type and composition skills with the end goal of trying to attract as many likes on Facebook as possible. I collected hundreds of new fonts but I quickly ran out of textures and patterns to add depth to backgrounds. I went outside and photographed walls, roads, trees, and junk (literal garbage) to create my own library of distressed textures. When I look at the finished designs I still see paint splatters or aged concrete from  around my neighborhood in Taipei. 

As an ex-video store employee I relished the opportunity to be working with a film company and grew technically (mastering masks and Pshop actions) and professionally from the Heavenspot creative team.