Creative and Personal Projects

Projects and ideas I've worked on in my spare time and some collaborations with other designers


I used to collect interesting  photos, magazines, books, and ephemera to create collages which was both a relaxing hobby and way to play with color, composition and materials. Now that I live in Taiwan I lack the space needed to hoard all the paper and glue for collaging. 

Helmut Lang

In 2005 the NY Helmut Lang design team asked me to scan the skin of a calf. It was about a meter square and had to be scanned in many pieces. Later, the image was used as a print for dresses and shirts. 


Pantalaine is a fake company clothing that sells garments for multiple people. The project was created by  designer Brian McMullen. I created the rubbing elbows sweater. The clothes were photographed and laid out to look like a Sunday circular style advertisement. The circular was printed along with a bunch of other fictional pieces of mail that made up McSweeney's Quarterly no. 17

Alison Rasch

Drawings for Alison Rasch's quincera themed fashion collection.

Snoozer Loser

After college my classmates and I started an art collective and clothing line starting with silkscreened shirts. It was called Snoozer Loser. We held art shows and threw parties with live bands at venues like Supreme Trading and The Glasslands in Brooklyn, NY. Above are some shirt designs, an embroidered patch, a logo, and some photos from Snoozer Loser.

Prospect Farm + Dirt Talk

In 2010 I helped my neighbors in Kensington, Brooklyn break ground on a garden that would become Prospect Farm. There were a lot of conflicting opinions about how and what to grow. I created Dirt Talks to try to educate myself and the other volunteers. Dirt Talk was held once a month at Sycamore Bar in Brooklyn and featured professional farmers and scientists who gave presentations and answered questions for our garden volunteers and the public. 

Haiku Book

At Parson's I learned to  love book design and layout but the conservative environment didn't encourage my curiosities. After graduating in 2003 I created this hand-sewn limitied edition haiku book for a friend and poet using her illustrations and some found photos. 

Monday Night Vinyl Club + Other Event Flyers

Monday Night Vinyl Club is a you bring it, you spin it DIY DJ'ing experience that invites anyone to play vinyl records at bars and clubs around NYC. I co-hosted the event for 5 years while also planning more events with friends from my days at IMPOSE and Slumberland Records. This is a handful of flyers and advertising for those events.