Save Coney Island

Save Coney Island is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization committed to preserving the Spirit of Coney Island, the People’s Playground in Brooklyn, NY. 

In 2010, Coney Island was under threat of mass destruction by a develpment company that was planning to demolish the historic amusement park to build condos and outlet shopping. In an effort to draw attention to the history of Coney Island and its community we created this folding brochure map. 

The brochure folds 3 times. The first two folds reveal a brochure featuring the history of Coney Island, an explanation of the current crisis, and public events. The third fold opens the map to a full 11x8.5" map featuring information about transportation, public parks, arenas, stages, the amusement rides, games, restaurants and more.

The map was printed and distributed around Coney Island for the public. The vendors and locals of Coney Island were thankful. An extensive map hadn't been created in at least 30 years. Eventually, developers chose to move the condos and keep the amusement park. Download your own map here. 

Design, layout, and photos by me. Art direction by Eric March. Additional photos from Doug Ross and Sam Horine.